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Water Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Technology (Plate Settler) adopted by us - An overview

Comparison between Conventional & Plate Clarifier
  • Plate Clarifier (PC) occupies about 1/10th the floor area of Conventional Clarifier (CC) for the same liquid flow as the inclined plates results in 10 times the clarification area of CC.
  • In PC, the inclined plates can be lifted and cleaned while the clarifier is in operation, whereas in conventional clari-flocculators cleaning requires draining of water thus stopping the operation.
  • There are no moving parts in PC thereby minimizing the maintenance problem.
  • PC has a modular design, thus for any capacity expansion, addition of an adjacent unit is sufficient as compared to CC wherein one has to construct a new CC thus involving additional space, time and money.
  • Civil work required for PC being minimal as compared to CC. Height activity is minimal saving capital costs of constructing a new CC plant as well as the period of commencing operation.
  • Substantial reduction in power costs, as there are no moving parts in PC.
  • Labour costs will be minimum for PC as erection and maintenance problem are less.

Advantages of Plate Settler Technology
  • No moving parts are present thereby minimizing maintenance problems.
  • Sludge thickener zone having two hoppers at bottom, completely replaces the extra thickness.
  • Maximum projected effective settling area, i.e., PESA per Mē of Plate area due to better hydraulic distribution and collection arrangement.
  • Each individual inclined plate can be easily removed by a single operator without the need to shut down the unit, drain the tank content and disassemble any tank internal. The plate can be easily slided upwards for inspection and maintenance as required.
  • Each plate is constructed of a FRP corrosion resistant material. No 'Plate Pack' type frame is required.
  • No lifting equipment is required, for plate installation or inspection. This allows the plate to be installed after the clarifier tank is set and reduces overhead requirement.
  • Internal flow feed ducts assures even distribution to each and every inclined plate controlling velocity and minimizing turbulence.
  • It can be operated for any length of time - continuously without shutdown.
  • The time required to stabilize plate settler after a start-up is only 20 minutes.
  • Plate settler does not build up deposit and there is no specific frequency of cleaning required thereby minimizing the maintenance problem. The thin layer of sludge formed on each plate picks up the fine flocs present in the water which is rising up.
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